Sloane Street, London, UK

The first store that we built for Chloé was in Sloane Street, London. We made the space as airy and expansive as possible, and laid out the furniture in a casual way. There are no formal
separations; light diffusing glass screens and rails of clothes loosely divide the space to create fluid ‘rooms’ through which the customers can wander. Only mirrors lean against the walls.

We created understated furniture using materials traditionally thought of as flashy or even vulgar (gold plate, pink marble) and worked with them in a high tech way (such as cutting the marble wafer thin to give table-tops the effect of unnatural slimness). Then, to create tension, we panelled the walls in untreated plywood.

The plywood became a signature of the over 100 Chloé stores worldwide which were consequently constructed in the rolling out of the shop concept over the next five years. This
included flagship stores in Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and New York.

We designed each of the stores worldwide along the lines of our original concept, remaining always faithful to the brand spirit while incorporating design modifications to suit best the various international markets and cultural differences.

Project featured in numerous magazines worldwide and in the following books:

  • Flagship Stores, Loft Publishers, 2008
  • Fashion Retail 2, Wiley Publishing House, 2007
  • World New Architecture, DUTP, 2006
  • Fashion Retail, Wiley Publishing House, 2004