A shop for Red Ear Jeans. Tokyo, Japan

A shop for Red Ear Jeans, Paul Smith’s line inspired by classic workwear.
In Japan where shopping is a serious occupation and the consumer is acutely aware of trends, we conceived a shop in which to sell jeans which stylistically we believe had never been seen before. Taking the ‘jean’ as a classic item of clothing, we looked back to its roots and made a store in the style of a hunting lodge. The then relatively unknown British artist Richard Woods produced the artwork representing woodplanks which covers the walls, floors and ceiling. We made a collection of genuine hunting trophies, shipped them to Tokyo, transformed the packing cases into furniture, and hung the jeans on the animal horns.

The shop opened in 2001 but has since been demolished, true to the spirit of constant urban change in Japan.

Project commissioned by Joi’x Corporation and Paul Smith Ltd.

Project featured on the book:

  • The Inspired Retail Space, Rockport Publishers, 2003