Horatio Street, West Village, New York

A West Village store for Acne Studios. The 120sqm store is defined by its floor-to-ceiling lightboxes of frosted glass, which give a sense of daylight throughout. These are placed among walls of stainless steel; the key material of this new generation of Acne Studios stores. The store has a raw feeling, as if a theatrical set placed within a shell. The floor consists of the original concrete that has been ground and polished, while a stand-alone rail runs through the whole store, a functional item that becomes part of the environment. Throughout, garments are given space to be displayed and properly appreciated.

Everything about the store is particular, from the design to the pieces of Acne Studios womenswear and menswear ready-to-wear and accessories that will be displayed in the space.

The West Village location is the third stand-alone store to feature the new design concept, following first store we designed and built for them in Cheongdam, Seoul, South Korea. It continues with the intuitive new approach to stores from Acne Studios, opening in special neighbourhoods away from traditional retail districts to create spaces with their own unique identity.

Photography © Annabel Elston